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General Meeting Minutes of December 17, 2014

Attendees: Kathy Chapman, Bob Groll, Elaine White, Gene Lovelace, Marcia Douglas, Marion Nicastro, Dave Schmitt, Father Micahel Hartney.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Marion Nicastro, Pres. Marion led us in prayer.

Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes of the Nov. meeting will be circulated by email.

Treasurers Report: Marion reported the treasurers’ report as compiled by Father Michael. Balance in checking: $9,112.17. Expenses for 130 Havana Glen construction: $1062.02. She reminded members that we need to hold a minimum of $5000 to cover tithing to Habitat International and other obligations that we will have.Addtional information from Father Michael: "The November expenses for Havana Glen's build was $1062.02. The total expenses to date for the build are: $31,961.04."

Church Relations: Since there were no contributions from churches, we need to contact local churches and give a presentation about H4H and ask for a love offering.

Needs for our House: Site Build info: Electrical will be on by the end of the week.Rick Oliver, whose specialty is sheet rock work told Miriam he could get a crew of his to install sheet rock. Peter and Rick need to work this out. A vote was taken and it was agreed to have Rick do it, if possible. Bob and Dave both noted Peter needs to be reminded about things that would impact ceiling rock, for example eg. Exhaust fan and duct work, bathroom & kitchen, plus other vents.

Family Selection: Marion and Marcia reported that, “there are five sort of viable applications.” Home visits are proceeding with these applicants and these will be a major part of our choice. It was noted that we should get a family soon. Dave observed that it must be unusual to be selecting so late, especially in view of the number of work hours that the family needs to put in.

Fundraising: It was reported that Moose breakfast went very well. We made in excess of $1500. We should see an increase in printer/toner cartridges, since some locations did not understand that we were taking those. It was acknowledged that Kathy had brought several good fund raising ideas to the executive committee. Detailed information on the specifics are necessary.

Marcia shared draft of form for fund raising planning and reporting for approval of future fund raising. She asked for feedback on the form.

New Business: We need to be looking for an attorney to do pro bono work for our house closing. Marcia offered to inquire of the attorneys that she knows.

Marion reported that she had been successful in securing a Community Foundation Grant for $600. Since these funds cannot be used for ongoing projects, these funds were specifically targeted for the kitchen. (Requested $1200, received $600.)

Marion reported that she has learned the Corning Foundation is independent of the Corning Credit Union. Marion continues to explore whether the Credit Union can provide us support (they seemed to feel, they were not involved with Schuyler and Watkins Glen.)

Adjournment: Marion read a poem, don’t dance too fast, reminding us to slow down and remember the reason for the season.

Next meeting: probably no general meeting for January, unless something special comes up, but there will be an executive meeting.

Respectfully submitted

Kathryn Chapman Secretary


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