Broadway Build Photo History

A pictorial history of our second Build: 306 Broadway Montour Falls
Dedicated to the late Dr. Carmine Nicastro, D.C.

The House on the Broadway property - Spring 2017


The Broadway house is demolished - Summer 2017


The backyard at the Broadway site is cleared - Summer 2017
Helped by Corning, Inc. volunteers

And we are ready to build

The electric service pole is installed - October 2018 

April 2019  
May 2019
Our Partner Family is announced

Early May 2019
Ground breaking 29 May 2019
Water/Sewer Lines in // Foundation being dug 2 July 2019
Foundation ready for concrete 24 July 2019
Foundation poured 26 July 2019
Rear Wall being framed and raised 8 & 10 Aug 2019
   The front wall  10 Aug 2019
The East Wall  13 Aug 2019
Our Partner Family hard at work and the work crew  13 Aug 2019
The last walls  15 & 17 Aug 2019
The rafters 29 & 31 Aug 2019

And the roof is up.  3 September 2019
Recent work crews included a day of work from Corning Inc. employees who finished the roof 
and an apprentice class and their trainers from  IBEW LU 139 who wired the house.  

The interior walls are wired. 

Watkins Glen Presbyterian Church volunteers came as a group to help with the siding.
12 October

And the Interior Walls/rooms begin to appear
L-R Top: Bathroom, Bedrooms 1 & 2 
L-R Middle: Bedroom 3, Kitchen, Living Room
Botton: Master Bedroom 

                                                                       January 2020

House Dedication: January 26, 2020
[L-R: Father Michael Hartney, Legislator James Howell, Vice President Marion Nicastro, 
resident Bob Groll, Partner Family Kayle Verderwreff, Mayor John King] 

House Dedication: January 26, 2020
Quite a crowd gathered! 

The Kitchen and the Bathroom take shape.  February 2020

June 2020: Finally the house is done.