It needed lots of help: July 2020

Logan Property Photo History

A pictorial history of our 3rd property build

We made it look like this. : March 2022

Our work trailer is on site ready to start

Finger Lakes Porsche Club gave us CO2/Smoke detectors

The interior gutted and ready for renovation.

July 2020

November 2020

Basement Windows December 2020

Master BR Framed Dec 2020

Living Room January 2021

Master BR January 2021

Basement dig out April 2021

Basement dig out April 2021

Basement foam insulation

Drywall Delivery: April 2021

The stairs before

The porch Women build: May 2021

The stairs after

Master Bedroom: January 2022

Bedroom: January 2022

Upstairs Bathroom

Kitchen: February 2022

Sidewalk: November 2021

Basement gets a cement floor: Aug 2021

Siding completed: July 2021

Dedication with Partner Family: Feb 2022