Our Covenant Churches

Covenant Churches commit to the following annual Financial Contributions:

Saw Level: Up To $300

Hammer Level: $301 to $999

House Level: $1000 or more

What is Habitat's Covenant Church Program?

The Covenant Church Program supports Habitat for Humanity's goal to eliminate poverty housing throughout the world and make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. The program shapes the commitment between the local church or parish and Habitat for Humanity, forming a partnership to build simple, decent houses with those in need. Habitat hopes to build new relationships and a sense of community as well as new houses.

What commitments must a covenant church make?

Each Habitat for Humanity Church is required to provide financial and prayer support. Beyond that, each congregation determines its own form of commitment, appropriate to its particular situation.

How does Habitat's Covenant Church Program benefit churches?

The Covenant Church Program allows church members to express their faith through a practical "hands on" partnership that meets the housing needs of the inadequately sheltered. By working together as partners, the affluent and the poor become aware of their common heritage as God's children.

Is the covenant a legally binding document?

No. It is a faith commitment, similar to an individual's pledge to the church.

(Description used by permission from HfH Worcester County Maryland)

Churches who have signed a Covenant in Schuyler County

Saint James' Episcopal Church - Watkins Glen

Saint John's Episcopal Church - Catharine

Hector Presbyterian Church - Hector

First Presbyterian Church - Watkins Glen

Montour Falls United Methodist Church - Montour Falls

Reading Community Church - Reading Center

Weston Presbyterian Church - Tyrone

Beaver Dams United Methodist Church - Beaver Dams